Project Description


Kaufland Akademy for Child Nutritional Education

PLAN B and Kaufland Romania launched Akademia Kinderland project on 13th September 2018, a CSR project with social and educational impact that increase awareness of a healthy diet among children.

Akademia Kinderland is the unique, mobile and revolutionary  space where children, along with their parents, educators or teachers, learn about what healthy eating means and how important it is. Akademia Kinderland is based on learning through demonstrations, games, images, senses, supporting and digital means. Children view the functioning of the human body in relation to food, find out how to properly combine food, to become responsible and avoid food waste.

Romania is on the third place in Europe in childhood obesity. In 2003, we were in the 23rd place, according to WHO 2014. In Romania, almost 40% of children are overweight. The trend is rising. More than half of children skip breakfast and only a third eat vegetables once a day.

With Akademia Kinderland, the nutritional behavior once changed among children and adults will be maintained in the long run because the information will be more easily acquired and learned through demonstrations, games and new experiences instead of a well-intentioned but empty sentence for a child like “It’s not good to eat sweets!”.