Akademia Kinderland – 2018 – 2020


AKADEMIA KINDERLAND Kaufland Akademy for Child Nutritional Education PLAN B and Kaufland Romania launched Akademia Kinderland project on 13th September 2018, a CSR project with social and educational impact that increase awareness of a healthy diet among children. Akademia Kinderland is the unique, mobile and revolutionary  space where children, along with their parents, [...]

MOV(I)E ON – Drive-in Film Festival


MOV(I)E ON CSR project dedicated to community, organized by PLAN B and KAUFLAND ROMÂNIA. The main purpose of the project is to encourage and motivate KAUFLAND's clients to overcome the emotions caused by the pandemic using the seventh art - the movie. The drive-in movie projections were presented free of charge in the [...]

Romanian Portrait – Photo Exhibition


Portrait of a Romanian Photo Exhibition A Romania united by different people. A unique artistic initiative that urges free expression, passion, friendship, community, country. The one hundred photos taken by Cristian Șuțu and reunited within the exhibition "Portrait of a Romanian" capture the faces of our people in the Centenary year and promote authentic [...]

Green Bus Shelters 2017 – 2018

PLAN B launched the "Green Stations" project on 7th September 2017, where 34 tram stations in Bucharest are covered with vegetation. The project is funded by Kaufland Romania, ENGIE Romania and Borsec, with the non-financial support of the Bucharest City Hall and the Bucharest public transportation company. "Sf. Gheorghe" station is the first tram shelter [...]

Leftovers – November 2016

„LEFTOVERS”, the first romanian public conference on foodwaste after the adoption by the Parliament of the specific law - Novotel Hotel, Bucharest, November 22, 2016 The conference was focused on finding real solutions to reduce food waste in hospitality field, but also in the hypermarkets and supermarkets in Romania under the present conditions of the [...]